Virtual Exhibition

Book your exhibition at IAS 2021

The virtual exhibition space serves as a nexus of information and exchange for delegates, and is a perfect hub for showcasing your organization.

The exhibition will be an interactive environment that allows exhibitors to engage with delegates via a variety of online tools. Delegates will be able to explore the exhibition at any time wherever they are in the world, save information for viewing later, and discover different organizations and industry leaders in the HIV sector.

It will provide new opportunities to engage with an expanded global digital audience. Your organization cannot afford to miss the chance to reach so many key players in the scientific response to HIV and AIDS. Delegates include scientists, healthcare providers, policy makers, world leaders and people living with HIV.

With reduced registration fees and no need for visas, travel and accommodation anymore, forge new connections and grow your organization’s reach by being a part of the IAS 2021 Exhibition.


However, in case of changes or cancellations, if you are interested in exhibiting, please contact us to check availability at [email protected]

Send all exhibition booking enquiries to [email protected]

Exhibition Packages

To ensure that the exhibition remains a vibrant hub for all delegates, innovative exhibition packages have been developed.

The exhibition packages will include:

  • Selected exhibition booth/page option (either 2D or 3D, as per table below)
  • 24-hour delegate access. Staffing at the exhibitors` discretion.
    In recognition of Berlin as the originally planned host city, the conference programme will follow CET timing.
  • Company listing on:
    • Exhibition webpage on the IAS 2021 website
    • Index upon entry to the virtual exhibition
  • Exhibition marketing to registered delegates
  • Technical support before and during the setup of the exhibition
  • Detailed exhibitor manual.

Exhibition packages are available for a fee, based on the following virtual 3D booth/ 2D page options:


Standard 2D exhibitor page 

Premium 3D exhibitor booth

Organization banner/logo header

Organization name, description and contact information

Website link/address

Contact representative information

Social media links (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube)

1:1 text chat and or video chat (live or scheduled)

Group text or video chat function (live public group chat or scheduled meetings with multiple participants) 

Exhibitor video presentation option

Drop a business card/contact form

Exhibitor notified when delegate accesses the booth/page

Booth statistics (live access to your booth clicks and contact form/business card collection data) 

Product categorization 

Embedded video content

Up to 3

Up to 5

Content/collateral uploads (links to documents or website URLs, surveys and polls)

Up to 3 URLS and 6 documents

Up to 5 URLS and 10 documents

Clickable and customizable 3D booth template with additional dropdown navigation menu 

Virtual TV monitor for video playback

Interactive hotspots (videos, images, or PDFs)

Exhibition Prices

Exhibition package prices

Exhibition package including
standard 2D exhibitor page

Exhibition package including
premium 3D exhibitor booth


Early fee

Standard fee

Early fee

Standard fee






Foundation, Government, UN Agency










Standard fee applies after 31 March 2021

Please note:

  • All prices are in US dollars
  • No VAT is applicable for exhibition orders from organizers based outside Switzerland
  • For Swiss-based organizers, the Swiss VAT applies (7.7%).


NEW! IAS 2021 offers the possibility to purchase additional features for the exhibition, giving you the opportunity to enhance the experience.

Add-on features:



Color customization of standard booth template (3D only)

The exhibitor will be able to select their own colour scheme for their 3D booth.


Provision and uploading of own booth template (3D only)
* Subject to IAS 2021 - Exhibition team approval 

Booth specific integration: Exhibitors who request to use their own booth template can provide the picture corresponding to sizes defined. The imported template would then be set-up with clickable areas corresponding to medias and features selected.


Exhibitor Registration

In order to set-up and manage the exhibition page/booth, each exhibitor will be provided with back-office access prior to and during the conference.

If you wish to access the full conference platform, you can purchase conference registrations. for purchase. More detailed information is available here.

Terms and Conditions

The IAS 2021 – Terms & Conditions for Satellites and Exhibition.

Contact the Exhibition team

If you have questions, please contact [email protected]